Praise for Strange Love

Steve Donoghue | Vineyard Gazette:

“The narrator of Fred Waitzkin’s new novel Strange Love had an experience that’s all too familiar to many writers: he peaked early. At age 30, he sold his first book to a famous editor at a big publishing house. He became friends with that famous editor, who brought him around to famous bars like Elio’s, where he was able to talk, however diffidently as the new kid, with literary lions like Gay Talese and George Plimpton. The book was favorably reviewed in the New York Times, and our narrator’s life seemed firmly set on course. But the second book took five years to write, and that famous editor refused to buy it. When it was eventually published, the few minor reviews were favorable, but the dream was clearly derailed.” Read More

Jack Shea | Martha’s Vineyard Times:

“‘Strange Love’ is both a strange and lovely new novel by Fred Waitzkin. It’s a complex story, riven with threads of disillusionment, self-deception, wacky and ironically funny twists.” Read More

James Blair | English Plus Language Blog:

“Waitzkin has a great sense of place. Fragata is Spanish for frigate. So Waitzkin sails away.” Read More

Don Houts | Men Reading Books:

“There were times when I felt like I was reading Hemingway.” Read More

The Plucky Reader:

“One of the things I love most about Fred Waitzkin’s writing is his ability to transport me to other places. He paints a scene in his opening paragraph that, even with an economy of words, plops me in the middle of a story. His stories are immersive and masterfully woven.” Read More